My Many Colored Days (Mis Muchos Dias de Color) – Seuss

I have always loved this book but I have been thinking about it a lot lately. With everyone being home and quarantined, I’m sure we are experiencing so many different feelings and emotions. In the book, emotions such as sad, happy, lonely, carefree, excited, calm, and mad are described and illustrated. All of these emotions just make us who we are. Search Youtube for My Many Colored Days. There are several sites that have a read-aloud for this book. Read this book with your parents or an adult in your home and discuss all of the emotions you have been … Continue reading My Many Colored Days (Mis Muchos Dias de Color) – Seuss

Scholastic Learn@Home – Part II / La Segunda Parte

In an earlier post, I shared an awesome resource with you. The Scholastic Learn@Home website offers digital books, activities, and more!  Today, I read Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin and A Spiderling Grows Up by Pam Zollman. This fiction/ nonfiction pairing is both entertaining and informative. One of the activities requires readers to match words to definitions. As you match the vocabulary, part of a picture is uncovered. Match all of the words to reveal the picture! You can read about the author of Diary of a Spider and visit her blog. You can also watch a video … Continue reading Scholastic Learn@Home – Part II / La Segunda Parte

30 Day Library Challenge

I posted earlier that my 30 Day Library Challenge could be found on the MES webpage. Unfortunately, the challenge was not visible for a while. It is now visible. Please let me know if you are enjoying the items of the challenge. I look forward to seeing your responses! You are so creative. I can’t wait to see how you interpret the tasks. A few of the tasks require you to act out or retell a fairy tale. I would love to see your performance! Maybe your parents or other adults in your home could record it. I miss you … Continue reading 30 Day Library Challenge

Thursday Book Recommendation

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are having a good week. I have been reading more ebooks. I know you have received many resources and may feel unsure about which books to try. I hope that you will enjoy the ones I am recommending but I would love to hear about the books you have found. Leave a comment and I will share your favorites with the MES family! ¡Buenos días a todos! Espero que todos estén teniendo una buena semana. He estado leyendo más libros electrónicos. Sé que ha recibido muchos recursos y puede sentirse inseguro sobre qué … Continue reading Thursday Book Recommendation

Scholastic Learn @ Home

Scholastic has added five more days of learning journeys to the Scholastic Learn at Home website. ( These journeys include articles, videos, activities, and more. I read “Nothing Can Stop Her” which can be found under the Grades 3-5 section. This journey focuses on a girl who was born with a disability but she doesn’t let it hold her back. She creates an awesome prosthetic using some amazing technology. There are three “extra” topics in this category. One of the extra topics is “Sloths.” The article and video about Sloths were extremely interesting, also! I hope you will visit this … Continue reading Scholastic Learn @ Home

30 Day Library Challenge

I had so much fun last night and today compiling a 30-day challenge for the MES students. The first week of the challenge focuses on library skills such as finding books on the shelves by knowing that fiction books are shelved in alphabetical order, thinking about authors, and distinguishing between fiction and nonfiction. The second week focuses on genre. One of my favorite activities is to draw a scene from a fairy tale. I hope all of my students enjoy the activities I created. The third week focuses on elements of a story, specifically character, setting, and plot. The fourth … Continue reading 30 Day Library Challenge

Even More ebooks for MES

Junior Library Guild (JLG) has offered free ebooks for schools during this time of school closures. Our students can access our free ebooks at Type in our school name. (Contact Mrs. Middleton for username and password.) I hope you enjoy these books and I really want to thank JLG for making these books available to us! Update: Username and password no longer needed!          Actualización: ¡Nombre de usuario y contraseña ya no son necesarios! Let’s read How do Dinosaurs go to School by Jane Yolen!        ¡Leamos cómo van los dinosaurios a la escuela por … Continue reading Even More ebooks for MES

Friday Book Recommendations

Hello MES students! I really miss you. I hope you have enjoyed my book recommendations! Today I read Cool Board Games: Crafting Creative Toys & Amazing Games by Rebecca Felix. This is an ebook found on our library catalog. It gives the history of several board games and describes how to construct your own board game. The book is interesting and informative. However, several of the games require many magnets. Can you think of a different way to construct the games with materials that you may have more readily on hand at your house? If you construct a game, take … Continue reading Friday Book Recommendations

ebook Uranus

I just read an ebook from the MES library collection! The title of the book is Uranus by J.P. Bloom and it is part of the series “Planets.” It was informative and fun. It was a quick read. The interest level for this book is PreK – 2.0.  The reading level is 1.0.  The book contains a link to where our students can download a word search, a maze, and an activity to “build” the universe with sticks and buttons! I hope you will read it and other books from this series. ¡Acabo de leer un libro electrónico de … Continue reading ebook Uranus

More ebooks for MES

Mackin has offered free ebooks for schools during this time of school closures. Our students can access our free ebooks at Type in our school name. Contact Mrs. Middleton for username and password. I hope you enjoy these books and I really want to thank Mackin for making these books available to us! Mackin ha ofrecido libros electrónicos gratuitos para las escuelas durante este tiempo de cierre de escuelas. Nuestros estudiantes pueden acceder a nuestros libros electrónicos gratuitos en Escriba el nombre de nuestra escuela. Póngase en contacto con la Sra. Middleton para nombre de usuario y contraseña. … Continue reading More ebooks for MES